5 Frustrating Generalizations about Women

There are a number of generalizations about women which are a huge source of frustration, irritation even. Some sadly are even iterated by women. They have become shorthand for broader statements but are either incorrect or over simplifications of nuanced situations. Whatever the reason they are embedded in our thinking which is not only unhelpful, but can be damaging.

It’s time to deconstruct these sweeping generalizations about women.

5 Frustrating Generalizations about Women
Women don’t need fixing
This has become one of those clichés which is bandied around without much thought to any wider implications. The message is that organisations are male coded and it’s the infra structure and culture that need to change. This is patently true.

It’s out of wack on at least three levels.

It supposes all women are the same with identical “female” skills which is patently incorrect.
It implies that women should wait to be taken care of by the “system” and the system will fix itself.
It confuses personal development with “fixing.”
When the “stop fixing women” brigade group all women together it only serves to embed bias and stereotypes even further. If a man needed personal development he would never say he needed fixing. So why say that about women? In that case some men also need “fixing.” The World Economic Forum tells us that it will take 169 years for organic change to occur. Both men and women have skills on a spectrum. Everyone will be different and we all need a bit of “fixing” in different ways.

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