- Raina Lipsitz from MARC

Best Male Bosses: What Makes A Guy Great To Work For?

Cultivating trust between managers and those they supervise is essential to creating productive working relationships and improving an organization’s overall performance.

Yet women often see their relationships with their male bosses differently than their bosses do, and, according to Catalyst’s study, Building Trust Between Managers and Diverse Women Direct Reportsdiverse women often experience even greater challenges than white women in forming trusting relationships with their managers.

The women we spoke with represent a range of industries, spanning the profit, nonprofit, and academic sectors, but several common themes emerged. Below we share a round-up of the most compelling stories we heard and a summary of what they taught us.

I have the best boss I’ve ever had right now and he’s a man. I’ve actually had only positive experiences working for men!! What makes my boss so great? He is genuinely dedicated to my professional success and growth. He is interested in my opinion, and asks for it, and lets me know he appreciates it. He asks how I am doing and wants to know the answer. He regularly tells me that he appreciates my work (and because of this, I would probably be willing to sort a spreadsheet of 14,000 names if he asked me to, because he asks for things in such a good way). He is very direct—no BS. I never feel scared to ask for help because he encourages me to ask questions.
– Rachel M., Associate Director

My best boss-turned-mentor spoke to me like I was a professional well above my actual experience and years, at the very beginning of my career. He somehow made me feel like an equal while communicating with humor and good will what I lacked and where I needed to grow. He was always invested and committed to our work but never took the job so seriously that it compromised his treatment of me—even when I screwed up royally. Jeff always values taking care of yourself and others, by doing good work but keeping the work in its rightful place. This emphasis on what really matters gave me and his other employees the freedom to do a great job without fear. He continues to be a friend, colleague, and mentor and his presence in my life is invaluable.
– Stephanie W., PR consultant

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