- Karen Stein from Deloitte.

Coaching for diversity and inclusion

Deloitte Partner and Executive Coach, Karen Stein, provides practical insights for building inclusive leadership capability, drawing from her experience as the lead of Deloitte Australia’s female partner coaching program.

Many organisations are increasing the number of diversity and inclusion information programs, to better equip their leaders as inclusive leaders. Coaching for diversity and inclusion can complement such programs and support leaders, by building upon their own self-awareness, mindfulness, and capacity to act.

There are many coaching conversations to be held, so where should you start? The two examples of coaching conversation starters below can assist with drawing leaders’ attention to how they enable diversity and inclusion.

Conversation 1: Notice your team

Many leaders believe that they know their team well, and engage with them in an equitable manner. Yet how true is this? The coaching exercises below can provide a leader with insights regarding how they are (or are not) enabling diversity and inclusion within their team. Leaders who ensure team justice and equity enable members to feel valued and included (Randel et al, 2018).

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