- Inge Woudstra-Van Grondelle from LinkedIn

How Competent are Diversity & Inclusion Professionals?

There are many people that are passionate about Diversity & Inclusion. But is that enough for effective Diversity & Inclusion professionals?

Driving a change initiative throughout an organisation requires a specific skill set. You need to be able to manage programmes, influence people, set a strategy, create buy-in and know how to measure results. On top of that you need to know about a wide range of specific topics ranging from Diversity and Equality Law to de-biasing recruitment to designing accessible websites. Or if you don’t know about these topics, you need to know how to find out about them and where to find the best experts.

The question then is, do Diversity & Inclusion professionals have these skills? Rina Goldenberg Lynch from Voice At The Table and I were keen to find out.

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