- Iulia Sala from linkedin

Diversity Fosters Leadership Skills

We usually discuss about how inclusive leadership fosters diversity in companies. Let’s now think the other way round. Does diversity foster leadership? Do diversity-linked professional and personal experiences contribute to the process of transformation of leaders’ mindset? The answer is yes. Satya Nadella’s leadership transformation is such an example.

Satya Nadella became CEO of Microsoft in February 2014 and in less than four years he transformed the company’s culture into a more empathic one that opened new possibilities for learning and cooperation, but also for innovation and understanding customers’ needs.

This cultural shift concerned both employees’ inclusion, by hiring a diverse workforce, and customers’ inclusion, by providing products and services, and by developing inspiring technologies allowing disabled customers to have accessible experiences.

In order to operate this transformation of the business strategy and culture, Nadella used, among others, four leadership skills:

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