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Gloria Moss

Professor of Marketing and Management at Buckinghamshire New University - Visiting Professor at Paris School of Business - Author of "Why men like straight lines and women like polka dots"

Gloria Moss MA, FCIPD, PhD, is an expert on the way that staffing your organisation with people who are in tune with your customers can massively improve the bottom line. She advises companies on Diversity issues whilst building a knowledge-base from her work as Professor in Management and Marketing at Buckinghamshire New University in the UK and Visiting Professor at the Ecole Superieure de Gestion (ESG), Paris. Formerly, she was in charge of Training and Development at Courtaulds Acetate and Eurotunnel.

She brings many years of practical experience of helping organisations benefit from greater diversity with a unique research base offering insights into the preferences that your customers are likely to have, based on a unique understanding of the impact of gender and nationality on attitudes and perceptions. Her unqiue body of work shows the kind of leadership style that will inspire the greatest number of people and the kind of ‘look’ that will appeal most in a website or a piece of packaging to customers

She has conducted consultancy projects for many FTSE 100 companies across a range of sectors including the retail, financial and legal sectors with clients including Marks and Spencer, Ford, Canon Cameras, Bounty, Directski, Allen and Overy, Bayer and Telefonica. Her consultancy work has focused on:

  • unconscious bias and how this affects all of our preferences
  • investigation into the extent of unconscious bias in recruitment and selection criteria and processes
  • training in overcoming unconscious bias
  • audits and workshops on optimising the servicescape for particular customer markets

She is the author of over seventy refereed journal articles and conference papers, a regular contributor to newspapers and business magazines and author of four books: “Gender, Design and Marketing” (2009), “Profiting from Diversity (2010)”, “Lessons on Profiting from Diversity” (2012) and a new book, “Why men like straight lines and women like polka dots”.

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