Margita Lukkarinen

CEO Kokkotyö foundation

Margita Lukkarinen has broad experience of gender equality related issues and management on local, national and European level.
From 1995 – 2008 she was involved in building up and consolidating the work of the Co-operative Women´s House in Kokkola, a resource center for women dealing with regional development, gender equality, entrepreneurship and management. Women´s House was leading partner and partner in several gender equality projects in Finland, Sweden and other EU countries.
In 1997 she founded a company and has had international and national short term missions as independent consultant, expert and evaluator of European projects and programs in the fields of local development, employment, social economy and gender equality.
She represented the association of Finnish Women´s Resorce centers in the Gender Mainstreaming Program VALTAVA, a national development program coordinated by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy undertaken within the 2007–2013 programming period of the European Social Fund.
As president of women´s commission in CECOP and later as vice president in the REVES network gender projects and promoting women in social economy was one of her responsibilities.