Michèle Paque

Country Host Manager QuintilesIMS VP, Head of Business Development North-Western Europe – IES-QuntilesIMS and Corporate Gender Equality Ambassador 2015

Michèle Paque has more than 25 years’ experience in pharma industry. After her master degree in logopedics, she first joined the pharma industry as a medical representative in a top 5 pharma company.

At the age of 27, she was promoted to manager, at the start of women taking on management positions in biopharma industry. Since this moment she has pursued her professional career, joining different bio pharma companies (of the top 10 pharma companies) performing different functions in sales and marketing. It is this experience that allowed Michèle to acquire a strong knowledge in the healthcare environment as well as in “new way of working” with more diversity. She trained and coached managers in pharma industry, helping them to guide the team and to be inspiring leaders.

Michèle joined QuintilesIMS, leader in “healthcare outsourcing” in 1999. Since January 2012, she is the Managing Director of the Benelux organization and Host Manager for Belgium. Over the years, with the team, she has been able to develop a company, starting with 23 people, towards a leading organization of 350 employees, inspired and committed each day, offering integrated healthcare solutions to more than 50 different clients from pharma industry.

Besides her current function in the Benelux, Michèle is in charge of Business Development of the North Western Europe as VP executive, taking the lead in shaping a “transforming” corporation & business model, to drive the future of healthcare. She is in charge of Benelux, Nordics, Ireland and UK development for integrated engagement services, for pharma industry including strategic outsourcing, multichannel, digital and patients programs. Currently, she has 8 direct reports and is leading a team of more than 900 people across Europe.

In 2015, Michèle has been elected as the “Belgian National Ambassador” for “Gender Diversity”. She received this award from the JUMP organization, to recognize her commitment and impactful results driving more diversity into the company and being a “role model” for upcoming generations.

Striving for values as teamwork, authenticity, integrity, openness and can-do attitude, Michèle is passionate about enabling people to achieve their potential and to deliver sustainable business results.

Born in Belgium in 1964, Michèle is a mother of two boys of 22 and 19 years old. During her spare time, Michèle likes to visit other countries and continents, discovering different cultures, people and other ways of thinking, acting and living.

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