Blanca Vergara

Author of "Women Work Wonders"

Blanca Vergara dares us to let go of blame, fear or complacency and be the CEO of our own life.

She supports highly educated women – doctors, MBA’s, PhD’s, lawyers – who are full of enthusiasm and positive expectations, yet paralyzed. These women are paralyzed by the mountain of expectations on their shoulders: what society expects, their employer, their partner, their mother, their father… They found tremendously challenging to choose among more responsibilities and authority in their job, opening their own business, further their academic achievements, having international exposure, traveling around the world, having a baby…

Blanca empowers smart modern women to find their own unique path: different from those of their mothers and grandmothers, different from what `they` say. Blanca empowers them to connect with their own wisdom and self-worth. Blanca delivers this transformation through high-impact, innovative solutions, both life and online.

She has the relevant business grooming, holding an International MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management. Plus the relevant coaching credentials, holding a coaching certificate from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. Besides that she has over 25 years of international business experience. She honed her business skills within important consulting firms like Price Waterhouse and European institutions like the European Space Agency.

She is the author of Women Work Wonders and Never Apply For A Job Again. She is founder of Parenting the Gods, remarkable internet resource on conscious parenting.

Her strong academic background, robust corporate experience, plus her spiritual insights make her a mentor who not only understands the challenges of modern life, but also has the vision and innovation to overcome them.