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How to mitigate unconscious bias through innovative behavioural techniques called Inclusion Nudges

Tinna C. Nielsen - Anthropologist, Founder of Move the Elephant for Inclusiveness

You will get practical examples on how you can to turn insights about behavioural drivers and unconscious biases into true inclusive behaviour and cultures, that improve talent and business decisions, and release the innovative potential of your people – without meeting any resistance.

Tinna C. Nielsen is an anthropologist and behavioural economist of profession and passion. Through her stories about her own journey as an internal change maker, she will share with you the innovative techniques called Inclusion Nudges, she pioneered in her former role as Global Head of Inclusion, Diversity & Collaboration in a global organisation, and in collaboration with Lisa Kepinski, another thought leader of Inclusion & Diversity. She is the founder of the non-profit organisation Move The Elephant For Inclusiveness, the co-founder of the global Inclusion Nudges sharing community, and the Co-author of the Inclusion Nudges Guidebook. Her mission is to empower others to create inclusive organisations from within and bottom-up.

Learn how you can apply Inclusion Nudges to promote gender equality and inclusion in your organisation. This session is interactive and you will try out some on the Inclusion Nudges, and you will discuss with peers how you can start practicing in your daily work.

Go away from this interactive session feeling energised with inspiration HOW to:

  • Develop and implement Inclusion & Diversity as a business imperative
  • Engage all leaders in mitigating unconscious bias and be inclusive leaders
  • Integrate Inclusion & Diversity into you HR processes and organisational culture
  • Leverage diversity for innovation and performance