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Recruit, retrain, retain – creative practices to get more women into digital jobs

Inge Woudstra - Managing Director W2O Consulting & Training

Get inspired by projects of others, get ideas for your next project, and get ready to start building the skills your organisation is missing.


Looking at the labour market it’s already clear that there is a lack of talent and particularly a skills gap. Even if you just read the newspapers, it’s not hard to predict that in future this skills gap will widen and organisations will need to start looking at different ways to find the talent with the skills they need. Women are ideally placed to fill the skills gap, but how do you attract them? And once you have them, how do you keep them? Some organisations are looking at re-training and re-skilling programmes, others are looking at pooling their workforce. What is it you can do to attract, retain, upskill and retrain women?

This session will address:

  • The key areas you need to address to attract and retain women in digital
  • Examples and case studies on what the most innovative companies in the UK are doing to address the skills gap by attracting women into digital, with an emphasis on showcasing those projects that work.
  • A chance to sharing your thinking with other people in the room
  • Be challenged to get creative with your own situation, what is it you can do?