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- Sophie Bellon from Sodexo

Where gender balance meets quality of life


When i tell people that gender balance improves the Quality of Life of everyone in the workplace, some find it hard to believe. And yet, these two ideas are intrinsically linked.

Improving employees’ Quality of Life starts with meaningful dialogue. it’s the only way of understanding people’s needs, diffi culties and expectations. Gender balance encourages diff erent points of view and creates a space within an organization where this conversation can take place.

When women are appointed to new positions, or when they join new teams, their arrival leads to a new sort of dialogue among people and, naturally, years of established practices are brought into question.

First of all, gender balance has started the conversation about work-life balance. Flexible working
hours, initially an objective sought by women, has now become a major aspiration for all employees. This means that a man today can feel free to leave the offi ce to pick up his child from school, and then continue to work from home. This was unthinkable 25 years ago! For the younger
generations, the freedom to work anytime, anywhere is expected.

With flexibility, everyone wins: 72 percent of companies report an increase in productivity when fl exible work arrangements are off ered.1 6 o’clock meetings are no fun for anyone – and moreover are not necessarily very effective. employees who spend too long at work may be less productive, more prone to errors, communicate less frequently or poorly and neglect personal health – leading to burnout.

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