Gender Equality Events


Gender Equality in the C-Suite & Boardroom: The Path to Value Creation

The discussion will include:

  • Embedding Gender Equality into Company DNA: The Story of One Company (Televised)
  • Company Strategy: The Disconnect Between Political Contributions, Company Strategy, Talent Demand and Gender Diversity
  • Chief Diversity Officer: Influencer, Leader and Change Agent
  • Progress Report: What the Numbers Reveal
  • Index Fund Scorecard: Investment Objectives and Company Stock Performance—Is Gender Diversity a Path to Value?
  • Engagement between Institutional Investors and Public Companies:Collaboration Drives Progress
  • Legal Brief: How to Improve Alignment between Nominating Committees and the Board
  • The Political Climate: How It Impacts National and State Policy on Gender Equality
  • The Male Perspective about Women’s Issues: The Role of Men as Ambassadors of Change
  • Women CEOs as Activist Targets: An Analysis of Why Activists Have Taken this Approach