- Lauren C. Williams from ThinkPogress

Overwhelming Majority Of Men In The Tech Industry Believe There Is No Gender Bias

An overwhelming number of men working in the tech industry don’t believe there is gender inequality in the workplace. Women disagree.

Based on more than 140,000 survey responses, the crowd-sourced salary database PayScale found that men and women working in tech have vastly different outlooks on gender equality in the workplace. Only 13 percent of men believe gender bias exists in most tech companies, and just 5 percent believe their company has a gender discrimination problem.

“If this data highlights anything, it is that men need to step up to the plate,” said Matt Wallaert, behavioral scientist and founder of, a web service that helps employees determine whether they are underpaid, in a statement releasing the results. “Only 25 percent believe [gender bias] is a problem in their workplace? That’s a devastating finding.”

Additionally, 80 percent of male tech workers believe their current employer has equal opportunity for both genders, while at nearly half that rate, only 44 percent of women agree their jobs give them the same opportunities as their male counterparts.

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