The provocateur: ‘It’s been a brilliant year for men!’

On the face of it, We in stein, Spacey and the others accused of being sexual predators have dam aged mas culinity in delibly. But, argues Josh Burt, there is an other way to look at it…
Excellent news, everyone – 2017 has been yet an other great year for men. One of the best ever, in fact. OK, in terms of HAVING YOUR CAKE AND EAT INGIT, it might not have reached the hal cyon heights of early medieval times, when im pa tient men could legally hurl their wives off cliff tops. And it can’t re ally hold a can dle to the free wheelin’ ’60s and ’70s, when guys could guzzle booze at their desks, aggres sively grab some hot piece of assat reception and still get that promotion. But, in terms of societal development, even up against such historically stiff competition, 2017 has been EXCELLENT for men, be cause look at them – wandering around, being all ‘woke’. They’re changing. Growing as people. Talking about their feelings more. Opening up in a way that was once un think able. Slowly inching their way to possibly recognising centuries of dreadful behaviour, and perhaps considering apologising for it. At some point in the near future. Maybe. So, all in all, well done men. Big clap. Now, before too many trumpets are blown, I should point out that this overt shift in the landscape has only really happened in the last few post-We in steinian weeks. And also that, and this can’t be emphasised enough, as men, we definitely DON’T EN DORSE twisted sexual behaviour of any kind (any more, at least). But how’s this for an other way of filtering the avalanche of rape, abuse and harassment reports that have knocked 2017 completely off its axis? That they’ve finally opened men’s eyes. That the gigantic splash in the ocean has rippled out wards, and men everywhere are collectively re-examining their part in the jigsaw, wondering if they might some how be complicit in all of this, and now trying to im prove the planet.