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Where do we stand on sexism

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Do Men Want Equality in the Workplace

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Pioneering couples reverse traditional roles

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Women leaders speak out!

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How to make your gender equality plan a success

How to build a business approach to gender equality Data-driven & measuring impact: using tools such as benchmarking, metrics and accountability What policies and best practices to implement: looking at equal pay, recruitment ...


Best practices


Corporate gender equality best practices in Belgium

In 2014, we selected and published more than 60 corporate best practices in gender equality for the Institute for the Equality of Women and Men. The aim of the database is to propose and promote the most diverse possible range of initiatives, solutions and programs relating to equal opportunity policies to constitute a source of inspiration for other organisations. This project has been made in partnership with AXIOM CP.

In collaboration with Institute for the Equality of Women and Men and Axiom
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Gender and Career transitions

This educational package offers a comprehensive view on the gender career gap and gives concrete tips on bridging this gap. “Gender and Career transitions” was made possible through ESF financing and was created by Vlerick Management School, Ghent University and JUMP.

In collaboration with Vlerick Businnes School and Ghent university
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European Toolkit for Gender Equality in Practices

In 2014, we selected and published more than 100 corporate best practices in gender equality at the European level for the social partners. This Gender Equality Toolbox financed by the European Commission is a one-stop online facility promoting a selection of a wide range of practices initiated at workplace level or by national social partners focused on the following priorities: addressing gender roles, promoting women in decision-making, supporting work-life balance and tackling the gender pay gap.

Financed by the European Comission
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