Inclusion survey

What is your company doing to build a more inclusive workplace? Join the survey to take stock, compare yourself to the practices of others and contribute to the upcoming practical guide on inclusion that you will receive for free.

In collaboration with PeopleSphere and 3Plus International, JUMP is conducting a survey on Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace today.

If you are in charge of these subjects, please complete the survey following this link. If you are not, please help us in this mission by sending this questionnaire to the most relevant person in your organisation.
It will take less than 10 minutes to complete it. Please do so by 10 February at the very latest.
The questions are in English, but you can comment in the language of your choice.

The findings will be reported in the practical guide « Key steps towards creating inclusive and respectful workplaces» which will be send to you for free.

If you wish, JUMP offers you a personal oral debrief on the results and free invitations to the ceremony of the CEO Ambassador for Gender Equalityon 26 March 2019 in Brussels.

We thank you in advance for your valuable time and cooperation!

Take part in our survey