The Academy accompanies organisations in their journey to a better workplace for ALL, by offering elearning, webinars, on-line or off-line workshops, talks by inspiring speakers and experts consulting to build an inclusive corporate culture.


  • Training

    A unique offer of tailor-made, on-line or off-line workshops to boost gender equality, diversity and inclusion in your organisation. We also create customised eLearning for every kind of target.

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  • Talks and webinars

    A unique offer of keynotes by top speakers to inspire your teams and raise awareness on gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

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  • Our experts

    We guarantee you the most qualified expert for your project from our pool of trainers.
    All have been evaluated by Forum JUMP participants (25 editions) or during previous training sessions.
    We offer only the best to our customers. They have years of business experience, in-depth knowledge of DEI research and a wealth of practical examples from all sectors of activity.

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intentions to actions.

Raise the knowledge and the skills of your organisation
to make it more diverse, equal and fair.

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