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Forum JUMP Paris

Participez au plus grand événement consacré à l’égalité professionnelle et à la carrière des femmes ! Le Forum JUMP 2019 a lieu le 18 juin à Paris. Comment la transformation digitale va-t-elle révolutionner l’entreprise et ...

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Women for Europe – Europe for Women

Women's rights are the main indicator of the state of development of a society. Equal opportunities between women and men, their equal ability to deploy their talent in the labour market, their financial independence ...

Articles Article

Empowering career women for the digital future - Survey

This questionnaire is for women only.  What is needed for you to thrive in the digital economy? The digital disruption is impacting us all and re-shaping the job market. What's the impact on women? ...

Editorials Article

The digital age: a man’s world? How to on-board women in the revolution

Digital transformation is impacting us daily: in our work, in our purchase, in our children’s education, in the way we manage our personal lives. Technology, artificial intelligence and connectivity is revolutionising business, society and the ...



Jump events


The events for advancing gender equality at work

Why is the JUMP Forum the best event to boost gender equality at work ?
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Training and speaking to boost gender equality at work

Here is a selection of our most popular workshops:

  • Gender dialogue

    Gender Diversity and Inclusion

    The power of inclusive organisations

  • Women empowerment

    Self-confidence and assertive communication

    Self-confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how great you are if you can’t see it yourself?

  • Men awareness

    How to become a better women’s ally at work

    Gender balance is a huge and global business opportunity. Is your company tapping into it?

Corporate Hub

The corporate gender equality network

Upcoming hub


De la diversité à l’inclusion: qu’est-ce qu’un management inclusif

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The knowledge center for gender equality at work


Women and the digital revolution - What impact? What role can they play?

The digital disruption is impacting us all and re-shaping the job market.
What’s the impact on women? How do you feel about it?

Take part in our survey for women only


The corporate ambassador for gender equality

The 2019 Corporate Ambassadors for Gender Equality are

Olivier Houpert, Caroline Thomaes, Patrizio Ricci


Caroline Thomaes
“This award is a true recognition of the work we are doing at P&G Belgium. It is not perfect yet and I will continue trying to be a role model every day as the small behaviors are what makes our culture! Gender Equality requires constant attention as unconscious biases are in our DNA. As a company we are committed to spark conversations and help change mentalities with our brands and advertisement as a force for good, also in Belgium.”

Patrizio Ricci
“I am extremely proud to be part of P&G and receive this award recognizing our effort and progress on the journey to gender equality. Gender Equality is important to me and important within our global P&G Engineering organization to generate both superior results and a better workplace. I am also very humbled to see the great work that others are doing in this area. This makes me confident that we can all #See Equal and make it possible to be in a world that truly treats gender equally – not just at work, but outside of it as well!”

Olivier Houpert
“I firmly believe that gender equality is essential to achieve superior business results. This award makes me proud as it recognizes the progress that P&G Belgium is making in this area. I remain committed to take P&G to the top by continuing to make sure we have the right culture and people to make us win”

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