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Your handbook for a culture of inclusion and gender balance in the post-pandemic world

Rethinking inclusion in the new world of work.

In this handbook, we examine the impact of the post-pandemic new ways of working on workplace inequalities. To address them, we need to reinvent inclusion practices. We propose a new framework that integrates inclusion into the context of remote and hybrid working practices, with expert advice and best practices. This guide provides the necessary levers for leaders, managers and HR / D&I officers to transform the risks into opportunities… It builds on our first handbook How to build an inclusive workplace.

In this 72-page handbook, you will find :
• Definitions.
• The impact of the pandemic and inequalities that arose.
• The inclusion challenge of remote and hybrid working.
• A framework for an inclusive future of work.
• Check-list for managers and HR / DEI practitioners.
• Case studies and tips from experts.

Download the handbook “Rethinking inclusion in the new world of work”.

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