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The leading social enterprise in Europe working with organisations for more diversity, gender balance and inclusion to achieve an equal and sustainable society.

JUMP presentation by her founder,
Isabella Lenarduzzi and clients testimonials

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Contact us to find out how we can accompany your organisation
on its journey towards a workplace where everyone can thrive

    • Understand the benefits of diversity
    • Build the case for your gender equality plan
    • Engage the Top Management and raise awareness in the organisation
    • Audit your organisation
    • Assess employee & client perceptions
    • Benchmark vs other companies
    • Build the plan, clarify needs and goals
    • Communicate and engage middle management & employees
    • Develop gender equality best practice tools
    • Review and adjust HR/Talent processes
    • Implement training programmes
    • Monitor and report with proper KPIs
    • Communicate on initiatives, reward success
    • Develop “great place to work” culture & employer branding, to attract & retain talent


  • JUMP Forum

    The event for advancing gender equality at work.

    The JUMP Forum is an annual event in Brussels and Paris dedicated to boosting gender equality at work and advancing women’s careers.

  • JUMP Academy

    Training and speaking to boost gender equality at work.

    The JUMP Academy offers organisations customised workshops and inspiring speakers to drive diversity networks, strengthen the female talent pool and engage managers and leaders in gender equality.

  • JUMP Consulting

    Expert support to accompany your organisation on its journey towards gender equality.

    JUMP Consulting provides expert analyses, guidance and communication enabling organisations to build effective equality plans.

  • JUMP Corporate Hub

    The corporate gender equality network.

    The JUMP Corporate Hub is the network of the corporate diversity stakeholders dedicated to the exchange of best practices on gender equality at work.

  • Wo.men@work Award

    The corporate ambassador for gender equality.

    The Wo.Men@Work Award rewards the executive manager who works hardest to achieve gender equality at work.

  • JUMP Resources

    The knowledge centre for gender equality at work.

    JUMP Resources is the knowledge centre for gender equality at work, with studies, toolboxes and corporate practices on gender equality.



Women deserve equal rights and equal dignity.

Pink is symbolic of femininity. Using pink in a business environment, is daring to make a bold statement.
Let’s reverse the stigma!
Pink can stand for power, ambition, performance and business.
Accepting that pink can also be a «business colour » is being more inclusive.