• Handbook - How to build an inclusive workplace

    In this handbook, we explain the key concepts around diversity and inclusion, to better understand biases, dominant culture and systemic inequalities at play in the workplace. We provide 3 key steps to build an inclusive culture, focusing on what to do at the leadership level, organisational level and individual level.

    It includes : Definitions. The Business Case. The role of unconscious bias. The notion of dominant culture. Key steps. Test yourself and your organisation. (34 pages)



    In this handbook, we examine the impact of the new way of work in the post-pandemic world on inequalities in the workplace and provides guidance for managers and HR/D&I practitioners on how to ensure inclusive work practices and gender balance in the context of hybrid and remote working. It builds on our first handbook How to build an inclusive workplace (see below).

    It includes : Definitions. The impact of the pandemic and inequalities that arose. The inclusion challenge of remote and hybrid working. A framework for an inclusive future of work. Check-list for managers and HR / DEI practitioners. Case studies and tips from experts. (72 pages)


  • “I would like to thank you for the excellent 'How to build an inclusive workplace' guide that you provide on your website.
    As Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement for ENGIE Europe, it has become one of my key references.
    This handbook explains very clearly the key notions, challenges and major steps to build an inclusive workplace and culture. I regularly come back to it to use some visuals, key messages and get inspired.
    Thank you for making it available for everybody as we all need to work together to move the lines!”

    Sarah Jane, Head of Diversity at ENGIE


Conferences & trainings

  • Raise awareness in your organisation with a conference by Isabella Lenarduzzi " The power of inclusive organisations"
  • Train your top leadership team on "Inclusive leadership"
  • Run a working session to establish your plan to build a culture of trust, respect and inclusion.
  • Workshops for all on “How to build an inclusive workplace”

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Diagnostic & Consulting

  • A survey of your employee’s perceptions of their career opportunities and gender equality awareness to measure the level of inclusiveness of your corporate culture and build an action plan tailored to your needs
  • Individual consulting and working sessions to help you reach your objectives related to gender equality and communicate on your results

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