- Isabella Lenarduzzi

Isabella Lenarduzzi’s speech for THE SHIFT – 2 February 2023

Meritocracy does not exist!

Or at least, if it does exist for some, it is not accessible to others or not under the same conditions.
You are what you do. Not what you say.
To align the two, you must first recognise your privileges (anything that does not depend solely on your merit). Then you have to identify the inequalities in society and inside YOUR organisation which is a de facto reflecting it.
Only then, can you learn to act fairly and equitably every day.
Being inclusive is not something you declare. It is a work in progress and it is never perfect. Inclusion is learned every day like a foreign language that you have to practice to improve.
At JUMP we help organisations to have a more inclusive culture and recruitment and promotion processes that avoid discrimination as much as possible.
This must be done because it is FAIR but also because it is good business.
Our aim is not to make people feel guilty but to make them feel responsible.