The JUMP Academy offers organisations customised workshops, inspiring speakers and expert consulting to drive diversity networks, strengthen the female talent pool and engage managers and leaders in gender equality.


A unique offer of keynotes by top speakers to inspire your teams and raise awareness on gender equality

Our Speaker

    • Isabella Lenarduzzi

      Founder and Managing Director of JUMP. Key opinion leader and Social entrepreneur in employment, gender equality and inclusion at work. Expert, columnist and international keynote speaker. Ashoka fellow.

      Isabella’s conferences are available in English, French and Italian.

    • The business case for gender equality and inclusion

    • Actions companies and leaders should take to build better workplaces

    • Does female leadership exist? How can we move to inclusive leadership?

    • 7 deadly sins about women in business

    • Is your company discriminating women?

    • Uncovering bias for more inclusive workplaces

    • How to mitigate inequalities at work in the post-COVID-19 new ways of working

    • Everyone is a changemaker. But how to become a social entrepreneur ?

    • How to boost female entrepreneurship

    • Why is equality between women & men at the heart of the necessary civilisation shift

    • Empowering career women for the digital future. What women need to thrive in the digital economy

    • The power of gender balanced and inclusive organisations

    • How to sell more and better to women. Are women just like any other man?

    • Should we still be feminist or is it time to move on?

    • The new models of dual career couples and how companies can support them

    • Your corporate culture has a sex. How to make it more inclusive?

    • Other Top speakers

      Through our large network and community of gender equality experts and corporate diversity officers in Europe, we provide you with the best international and local speakers to meet your needs and ensure the impact you are looking for.
      We offer conferences in English, French, Dutch, Italian, German and Others...

    • From unconscious bias to conscious action

    • Women are heroes: Nobel prize women

    • Do organisations have a gender ?

    • To hold women back, keep treating them like men

    • The future of work: reshaping the workplace for women, men and business

    • Tackling gender-based violence across the world

    • 200 000 years to equality: the history of male dominance

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