- Isabella Lenarduzzi

The First Study on D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) Leaders Reveals What We Already Knew Deep Down and it is Not Encouraging

The vast majority of D&I leaders are women, even though an American study proved that it was a position that only helped white men in their careers!

Almost none of them are part of their Companies Executive Committee, as opposed to 42% of the Sustainable Development leaders, meaning that D&I is still not considered as a strategic topic.

Half of the D&I leaders later become coaches or start working in NGOs.  Desperation or frustration that there is no progress in the corporate world?

To address the D&I leaders’ insufficiency of background in the matter and their too frequent lack of internal support, JUMP created the “Gender Equality Hub” where they can meet 4 times a year in Brussels or Lyon to share their knowledge and meet experts. A great opportunity to learn from others, find allies, and increase their impact. http://jump.eu.com/hub/


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