Olivier Onghena-‘t Hooft

Founder Global Inspiration & Noble Purpose Institute - Vice-Chairman LEAD-IN

Olivier has a broad international and multi-cultural business experience in several roles (CEO, managing partner, entrepreneur, adviser, board member), in different industries (aviation, finance, media, pharmaceuticals, steel, telecom, utilities), for different types and personalities of leaders and in different countries and regions (he traveled, researched, worked and lived in more than 70 countries). As a result of a life-changing accident, he realized that meaning and fulfillment in life come from pursuing what is most important in life and wherewith one can really make a difference to help Mankind, Society and the World progress.

Olivier’s main expertise is advising organizational leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners how to achieve organizational excellence, outstanding board & executive team performance and charismatic leadership. Olivier specialized in helping these global leaders, teams and organizations make the link between inspiration and noble purpose (‘why do you do what you do?’) and performance, and how this influences their mission, vision, strategy and actions and how that leads to exceptional sustainable results.

His work with clients such as ArcelorMittal, Bosch Siemens Hausegeräte, Brussels Airlines/Lufthansa, GSK, ING, Shell, Siemens, has included organizational culture transformation, management board optimization, team effectiveness, inspirational leadership, talent management consulting and high potential development. He feels comfortable working on the individual, the team as well as the organizational level, and incorporates amongst others systemic thinking, integral philosophy, conscious capitalism and shared value philosophy.

Olivier holds a Master in international economic relations, postgraduate degrees in international law and commerce from the Free University Brussels, and a degree in services marketing. He participated in many (self-) leadership & personal development seminars.

Olivier lectures at the Free University of Brussels, writes business columns on inspiration, leadership, entrepreneurship, success and purpose, is the initiator of a series of think tanks around business, leadership and purpose. He is a board member and a cultural philanthropist for a diversity of organizations and initiatives. Olivier lives in Brussels with his Italian partner.