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Don’t screw up your Diversity communication! The keys to a successful communication plan

Jean-Michel Monnot - Founder of All Inclusive!

Fostering diversity and developing an inclusive culture within an organisation is much more that an initiative: it is a long, very long journey. And it is also extremely complex and sometimes risky, as by changing ways of thinking we may often generate a backlash.

This is also true with communication: a bad communication can kill your efforts for years, internally and externally. A good one will positively influence people and open minds for a cultural change.

This session is open to all passionate and active women and men that would like to drive progress in their company: Diversity & Inclusion professionals, Gender Network leads, influencers.

You will hear from an experienced global D&I leader and from a communication expert about their approach for a successful communication plan. You will learn about tools and strategies, discover good & less good practices, but more importantly, you will leave the room with key milestones for your upcoming action plan. Be ready to share your own stories, be they successes or failures, in a highly interactive workshop.