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Empowering parents and organisations to thrive together: managing parenthood and careers successfully

Deborah Croft - Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Thriving Talent Global

Natalie Wilkins - Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Thrive

Every month, another organisation recognises the need to better support parents by extending its parental policy, in a bid to stop losing this valuable pool of talent. However, only a small number are successful at ensuring Parenthood Initiatives work as an effective strategy to embed gender equality in the workplace. What is their secret?

Using real-life case studies, we will explore the Levers of Influence used by 2 groups, who are making it possible to have a career and family:
Parents who are successfully balancing family and professional aspirations and enjoying both, without the guilt!
Organisations who have transformed their culture, so that they retain, engage and empower parents.

In this interactive workshop, you will work alone and in groups to reflect on which of these Levers of Influence you could apply to yourself as a Parent or to your Organisation, to start making beneficial changes. You will gain new perspectives and ideas on how it is possible to evoke and sustain positive transformation, so that everyone wins.