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Exploring Gender Perceptions through a Gender-Bending, Mind-Bending Experiment revisiting the Trump/Clinton debate: “Her Opponent”

Maria Guadalupe - Associate Professor in the Economics and Political Science department at INSEAD and the Academic Director of the INSEAD Randomized Control Trials (RCT) Lab

Revisit your own gender biases through this mind-bending experiment developed by Maria Guadalupe, associate professor at INSEAD.

Can experiencing what the 2016 U.S. presidential candidates said and how they said it through gender-reversed characters, cause us to revisit our own biases and develop insights from different perspectives? Her Opponent uses documentary theatre techniques to re-create excerpts of the three 2016 U.S presidential debates. An actor performs the text, gestures, and movements of Hillary Clinton, but as a male Democratic candidate named Jonathan Gordon and an actress performs the text, gestures, and movements of Donald Trump, but as a female Republican candidate named Brenda King. A third actor plays the role of The Moderator from each of the three debates.

This workshop will show a recording of the full performance and lead the audience in a discussion of our discoveries.