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Inclusion Nudges: a new technique for influencing behaviours to drive inclusion in your organisation

Tinna C. Nielsen - Anthropologist, Founder of Move the Elephant for Inclusiveness

The notion of power is changing, and with this change, leadership models must evolve too. We must create diverse and inclusive cultures, that value differences and collaboration, as well as long-term visions that boost inclusive growth, sustainability and new thinking.

But we cannot do this by talking and with good intentions and rational understanding. We have to re-design organisational processes and ways of working, and we have to re-frame our communication in ways that motive and enable all people to step up, build their influence, redefine the rules of power and success – and achieve gender equality.

In this workshop anthropologist and social entrepreneur Tinna C. Nielsen will introduce you to the powerful technique Inclusion Nudges that change behaviour, culture, and systems for inclusiveness – in an easy way. You will get practical examples from other organisations and discuss with peers how you can apply this change-approach.