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Tips from the Top: how remarkable women lead in today’s Europe

Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha - Senior Leadership Advisor and co-author of “Women Leading the Way in Brussels”

Different women, different nationalities, different leadership styles, different stories and many lessons to share. All of them remarkable women and inspirational role models, who reached very senior positions in their respective sectors: corporate, politics, media, philanthropy, civil society.

The women in this panel have several things in common. Not least is being a resident (or regular visitor) of Brussels – the multi-layered, multicultural, complex, power-driven, challenging capital of Europe. More importantly, they are alike in having qualities of being generous and courageous enough to “lead the way”, share their experiences and views with aspiring women leaders, and with all those who wish to learn more about gender equality at the top. These women have participated and/or contributed to a book, “Women Leading the Way in Brussels” (Caldeirinha & Horst, John Harper Publishing, spring 2017). A first of its kind, this book collected punchy, frank, and revealing vignettes of 14 women in top positions in different sectors, and addressed the diversity of leadership models, and the different ways in which women (and men) today can contribute to more inclusive societies and different leadership styles.

In this panel discussion, you can expect to be part of a cross-sectoral reflection on what it means to be a woman leader in today’s Europe; to get top tips regarding the talents, skills and strategies needed to “get to the top”; and to ask questions and be inspired by the diversity and richness of their testimonials and paths. This is important because, at the end of the day, there are so many ways in which you can lead…