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When Women Thrive, Businesses Thrive : key drivers for an effective gender strategy

Mandy Schreuder - Principal, Leader Diversity & Inclusion Europe at Mercer

Pam Jeffords - Partner, Global Leader of "When Women Thrive" at Mercer

When Women Thrive is a call to organizations and leaders to think and act differently to advance women and drive their growth. In this interactive workshop, Pam Jeffords and Mandy Schreuder share the latest insights from the world’s most comprehensive report on women in the workforce, representing nearly 600 organizations and 3.2 million employees. Pam and Mandy will share experiences from working with global organisations with Mercer’s 6P methodology and how you can effectively use your workforce data to engage your leaders in gender equality. Your key take aways after this session will be: 1) the 6P’s methodology 2) The drivers for an effective gender strategy and 3) Understanding the value of an Internal Labor Marker map in order to engaging your stakeholders. Join us, now is the time to take action!