Diversity and Inclusion Pulse: 2017 Leader’s Guide

We know that having a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture results in positive outcomes such as increased employee engagement, higher levels of creativity and better retention of talent. However, putting into place an effective ...

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The pursuit of gender equality

This report examines recent developments in gender equality in education, employment, entrepreneurship and public life. It contains one overview chapter and 24 short chapters, each with key findings and policy recommendations.

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The Man Code. It’s Real, And It’s Pervasive.

Is It Affecting Your Culture? By Jeffery Tobias Halter. You know it’s true and pervasive in our culture and organizations. Man up. Suck it up. Be tough. There is a man code that guides men’s ...

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Où sont les femmes?

Chaque année, la Belgian Maintenance Association (BEMAS) organise le prix du “Manager de Maintenance de l’Année” récompensant le travail des leaders dans la Maintenance technique et la gestion d’actifs qui se sont distingués par leur ...

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Cracking the Code on Gender Equity

Why have so many companies failed to make much progress when it comes to achieving gender parity in their senior ranks? Perhaps even more important than looking back, what really needs to happen next to grow the ...

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7 Steps to attract, source and recruit women

Women and the Recruitment Process We know that companies that proactively recruit and hire women are more successful, but could your process be preventing you from reaching the best candidates? Here are 7 tips to ...

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