Assess your diversity programme and measure your level of inclusion: What to measure? How to set goals? How to communicate them?

How can you measure the success of your diversity programme?

Looking at the different elements of the Diversity & Inclusion value chain (diversity, open culture, inclusive processes and behaviours) can help you get clarity on the different paradigms and identify what to measure.

We will explore metrics that are activity-based (looking at D&I programmes and plans, D&I imbedded in tools and processes) or goal-based (both quantitative and qualitative, looking at representational data, corporate reporting and engagement metrics). In this context, we will discuss how to analyse the impact, progress and/or benefits (ROI) your diversity programme.

Based on these considerations, we will work on how to communicate your metrics in an effective manner as this is critical to the success and visibility of your programme.

At the end of the session, you will better understand how to use existing (or new) data to create a comprehensive framework and a compelling story.