A survey

  • JUMP ran a large online survey to get a sense of women’s experience of sexism and to better understand this phenomenon. We received more than 3000 replies. 94% of the respondents declared having been subject to sexism in the workplace.

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The handbook for managers and HR

This guide has been developed for companies and is available for free. It is a folder of 8 cards with 3 different sections: Understand, Test yourself, and Act.

Content Overview

    • Booklet UNDERSTAND

      • I Convince your top management to act

      • II Definitions

      • III Recognise everyday sexism in the workplace

      • IV Know who your enemies are: unconscious biases & stereotypes


      • 1 Where do you stand in terms of sexism?
        Quick scan for HR and leadership team

      • 2 Where do you stand in terms of sexism?
        Quick scan for HR and leadership team

    • Cards ACT

      • 3 Checklist for an action plan against sexism for leaders &HR

      • 4 Making sexism inacceptable: the managers’ role

      • 5 Social partners & trade unions: your allies

      • 6 Support victims and witnesses

      • 7 The laws against sexism

      • 8 Companies’ best practices

A poster campaign to raise your employees’ awareness

We have also created a poster campaign to raise employees’ awareness about sexism, that you can use for free within your organisation. Each of the fifteen posters can be customised with your company’s logo and a personalised message; i.e. the name of the in-house contact person to reach in case of inappropriate behaviours. The posters are available in Dutch, French, German and English. You can download the digital models below or we can customise them for you (at cost price).

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Handbook - How to build an inclusive workplace

Definitions, The Business Case, The role of unconscious bias, The notion of dominant culture, Key steps, Test yourself and your organisation. A brochure of 34 pages.

  • Download the handbook “HOW TO BUILD AN INCLUSIVE WORKPLACE”:

Conferences & trainings

  • An awareness raising conference on sexism or more generally on gender equality in the workplace
  • Training of top leadership team on unconscious bias or working session to establish an action plan against unacceptable behaviours, etc.
  • Women only workshops: “How to tackle sexism”
  • Men only workshops: “How to become a better ally for gender equality”
  • Workshops for all on “How to build an inclusive workplace” or for managers on “Inclusive leadership”

For more information, check our webpage: www.jump.eu.com/academy
For a customised proposal, email us at: contact@jump.eu.com

Diagnostic & Consulting

  • A survey of your employee’s perceptions of their career opportunities and D&I awareness to measure the level of inclusiveness of your corporate culture and build an action plan tailored to your needs
  • Individual consulting and working sessions to help you reach your objectives related to D&I and communicate on your results

For more information, check our webpage: www.jump.eu.com/consulting/
For a customised proposal, email us at: contact@jump.eu.com

Discover our tools for individuals

futher resources (in French)

Vidéos par thème de l'enquête sur le sexisme (subtitle in english available)

Booster votre sens de la répartie avec les tutos de JUMP !

la plateforme pour lutter contre le sexisme.