- Isabella Lenarduzzi

2017, A New Year: Unwrapping possibilities for gender equality

The year has barely started and we are already considering ways to advance gender equality from our different points of action. Last year proved us that going backwards is not impossible. You have probably read articles on how the needle is not moving fast enough, on how we are still lagging in spite of the years of work and discussion. I have read them too. I value them too. I have started action on many of those fronts. You will soon hear about all I have in scope. But today I am not going to speak about all the resolutions I have made, all the change I want to bring to this world, today I will say Thank You! You, my partners, my customers and my readers are the ones who have made JUMP’s success possible and I deeply acknowledge our mutual connection. I wish that this year you grasp the opportunity to unwrap a new year of possibilities for gender equality. Persistence and force of action will allow us to continue to advance towards more equality, sustainability and solidarity. I hope you decide to make a difference, so we can all together put gender equality at the heart of change and move beyond good intentions towards a great performance.