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Daniela Rusu

Coach and trainer of Thring talent

Passionate to help people and organizations thrive, Daniela is a professional coach, facilitator and training designer who works with individuals and teams to develop their inner leadership capabilities and their emotional, social and collective intelligence to reach higher levels of performance and well-being.

Daniela founded her consulting and training agency in 2011 with the mission to bring humanity back in business. Since, she creates interactive coaching and training solutions that challenge deeply ingrained mental models and allow people and teams to reduce stress, build resilience and transform their approach to collaboration, innovation, performance, communication and leadership.

In over 20 years of international experience, Daniela held various managerial roles, leading innovative digital teams focusing on outreach projects for climate change, creating branding strategies, and leadership and talent management solutions. As a certified Leadership Coach and Trainer, Daniela empowers professionals around the world to find their power within, open to possibilities and opportunities for change and positive transformation. Of Canadian and Romanian nationalities, Daniela enjoys her Swiss life with her husband and two adult children on the shores of Lake Geneva.