Catherine Piana

Founder and CEO of Gecko Strategies, Director General ad interim at the Confederation of European Security Services

Happy people perform better, are more creative and have more energy. This is not a mantra but an established fact based on many academic studies.

Both employees and companies would therefore benefit from more happiness at work. How to become happier and more motivated is one of the fields that Catherine Piana is passionate about, as well as personal and interpersonal skills like communication, creativity, charisma and influence. She’s convinced that all these skills, as well as happiness and motivation can be taught to most people. People who have followed her workshops or have been coached by her enjoy her high energy and passion, as well as her simple examples drawn from experience.

A constant leaner and slightly hyperactive she leads parallel careers on the European lobbying scene as a Director General of a trade association, and as a consultant / trainer / coach.

Catherine holds a Masters Degree in Translation (English/Italian), an MBA, is a Certified Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), a Certified Trainer, a Life Coach, and a Hypnotherapist.