JUMP Forum participation(s):

Marie Dancourt-Cavanagh

Executive and Team Coach, Cross-Cultural Facilitator, OpeningWays

Marie is a certified executive coach, leadership/management trainer and cross-cultural facilitator. She supports international executives and teams by helping them unleash their leadership potential and make a difference where it matters. Marie is passionate about working with her clients towards meaningful and sustainable change and uses various tools of creativity and collective intelligence for leveraging individual and collective added value. She has a particular interest in supporting internationally-minded organisations by helping managers leverage their cultural differences for greater impact, as well as supporting women’s career and life transitions. As a trainer and facilitator, Mrie also designs and delivers team-building activities and tailored management development programmes.

Marie’s clients include a wide range of organisations, from large public sector/international organisations, large corporations, to small businesses and not-for-profit organisations and NGO’s. Marie enjoys and actively seeks out this diversity as a useful reminder that cultural and organisational diversity keeps her “thinking outside the box”.