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The Female Leadership Paradox: Power, Performance and Promotion

Mirella Visser - Managing Director of The Centre for Inclusive Leadership

Women are excellent leaders, yet there are few. The number of women in top positions remains shockingly low. Don’t wait for legislation to change or for CEOs to “get it”. Become the strategist behind your own career and navigate successfully to the top of the organisation you choose.

This highly interactive and practical workshop is based on the book “The Female Leadership Paradox”. You will work with your personal career questions, such as:
• How do I get a promotion?
• How do I make sure that I am earning what I deserve?
• How do I build a strategic network?
• How do I influence decision-making?
• How do I get the most favoured position?
• How do I manage resistance?

The highly interactive workshop is designed for ambitious women who want to make a difference in their organisation through developing their leadership qualities to the full.