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Be your own leader: the habits you must stop to be a successful leader

Helena Demuynck - Founding Partner of Konsensus Leadership Coaching & Development and of oxygen4leadership

Even women at the highest levels can undermine themselves with specific self-sabotaging behaviors. These habits and behaviors develop in response to experiences women have in personal life and in the workplace. Learn about the behaviors getting in the way of successful women’s efforts to rise.

This workshop is not about new habits and behaviors you might want to start practicing. Instead, our goal is to teach you about the “must-stop” habits that are most likely to get in your way as a woman. Habits that might once have served you but can undermine you as you seek to rise.

We will help you to rewire your brain to support new habits and thought patterns. You have the power to become more precise, more intentional, more present, more assertive, more autonomous, more at ease exercising authority, more confident setting boundaries and a more effective advocate for yourself.

So let’s identify those habits that can hold you back, and start practicing new habits that better serve you.