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The myth of merit and unconscious bias: What’s wrong with merit, why equal treatment does not (always) reward the most deserving

Jean-Michel Monnot - Founder of All Inclusive!

Maija Van Langendonck - Maija Van Langendonck, Senior Associate at Pluribus

One of the most frequent excuses used when looking at certain male-dominated work environments is the strong belief in “merit”. According to the logic of merit, the person who demonstrates the best competences should be selected for the job regardless of any other factors. This seems fair on the surface. A person who has worked hard and shown qualities superior to all other candidates should be successful. What is problematic about the idea of merit is that it presumes all people have the same opportunity to succeed.

We all have the same dream : we are equally treated, meritocracy works, workplace is heaven, finally…. But as we wake up, can we seriously say that our way of looking at people, both men and women, is unbiased, fair and efficient? In this workshop, Jean-Michel will engage you in an enlightened discussion about merit, competencies and their real place in recruitment and career progression.