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Taste the Power of Coaching

Sign up for a 20-minute laser-coaching session with one of our professional coaches !

Different areas of expertise to meet different needs:
– Leadership development
– Career transition
– Work/life balance
– Stress management and Burn-out
– Interpersonal communication
– Teaming
– Self-confidence
– Personal challenges

What you can expect from a laser-coaching session:

– Get a taste of the power of coaching
– Experience bold and pertinent questions that create breakthrough awareness and open new perspectives and options
– Feel how you can unlock your potential or increase your self-confidence

– Understand how coaching can help in growing your employees and your organisation.

Why coaching is important:

Coaching, a structured and powerful approach :
– Coaching is a partnership, “a creative process generating reflection”, to accompany a person towards an objective and to facilitate the desired change.
– Oriented towards the future, Coaching makes it possible to overcome the situation that is considered difficult.
– Coaching makes it possible to understand its “own” cognitive functioning, to become aware of the means and resources to find its “own” solution and therefore optimize its personal and professional potential.

For women :
Coaching can help women to alleviate the stress often generated by this ambiguity between “being what is expected of us” and “being ourselves”. It also enables women to dare to show off their skills, learn to formulate demands, face criticism, set limits, manage conflicts, identify their strengths and work on it, in order to deploy their versatility.

For organisations :
Coaching helps employees, managers and executives develop better leadership at all levels of the organisation. More engaged and collaborative people make the organisation more resilient to face complexity and uncertainty.