Employer branding & Gender Equality

Employer branding can be a real opportunity to attract and retain women in the context of war for (female) talent, but it can be risky if the company’s leadership, systems and behaviours are not aligned around gender equality.

Many organisations publicly commit to gender balance and inclusion, but closer inspection suggests they talk a good talk and that’s about as far as it goes. They might be compliant with current legislation and market their inclusive brand to attract top talent. They host an event for International Women’s Day and do a Lunch and Learn on awareness training. But the numbers don’t add up. Negative comments appear on social proofing sites and a “pink it and shrink it” product marketing campaign goes wrong. Such half-way and half-hearted measures can end up damaging your employer brand.

So what can you do to position yourself as a gender-friendly organisation? You need to start by understanding what women really want from an employer, then deploy an intentional strategy towards them, starting with a good understanding of your culture and how your brand is perceived on social media, a clear message and offer that speaks to women, targeted marketing and coordination between employer and customer branding.

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Best practices

JUMP Handbook – How to build an inclusive workplace

Definitions, The Business Case, The role of unconscious bias, The notion of dominant culture, Key steps, Test yourself and your organisation. A brochure of 34 pages.


Inclusion Nudges (Tinna Nielsen, Lisa Kepinski)

We believe inclusiveness is at the core of achieving innovation, good decision making and performance, good quality of life for all and the UN global goals for a sustainable world (SDGs). We believe in challenging the status quo to make inclusion, diversity and equality the norm in our organisations, communities, and societies.


eBook – 12 key steps to attract, recruit and retain female talent (3 Plus International)

The research to support gender balance in organisations is incontrovertible. Many businesses claim that they want to attract, recruit and retain female talent, yet they to come even close to optimal numbers. To get beyond a box checking exercise requires serious leadership commitment, systemic and behavioural change. That is never easy.


eBook – The way men and women look for jobs (3 Plus International)

You can tell that the idea of hiring women is gaining traction when male recruiters start to post on the topic. What they are finding is a one size fits all approach isn’t working. As a specialist in this field 3Plus knows that there are clear differences in identifying and attracting female talent into an organisation. Part of that is rooted in the way men and women look for jobs and approach the job market.