The Wo.Men@Work Award rewards the CEO who works hardest to achieve
gender equality within his or her company based in Belgium.


How to Apply for next year:

We are looking for:


In a company established in Belgium

Who personally commits to promoting corporate gender equality

Applications are closed for this year.

How to Apply for next year:
All candidates must complete the form below. It should be a straightforward document in which you present your own case:

The context
Your initiative(s)
Your own role and that of others
The internal process
The results of your actions and ideas

This document will only be read and evaluated by our expert, and by the jury of the Award.

No matter wether you are chosen as a nominee (3), we will select some best practices from the application form and promote them through our website and at the Award Ceremony.

Read about the experience and the best practices of the Award 2016 winner Erwin Ollivier
It takes two to tango…
Koud gepakt– Warm aanbevolen

  • Step 1

    Application form available:

    Download PDF

  • Step 2

    Fill in and send your application to:

  • Step 3

    Receive a personal evaluation of your candidacy dossier by our expert.

Next steps

19 DEC / 18 JAN

First jury meeting & Quick interview

Interview will take place at your offices. It will be published on the Wo.Men@Work Award website and the public will be invited to vote online.


Electronic votes & jury judgment

The final award winner will be chosen based on an electronic voting system and the final evaluation by the jury. Weighting of the electronic votes versus the jury judgment will be 1/3 – 2/3.


Second jury meeting

Each nominee will be invited
to the second jury meeting.


Award Ceremony

All three finalists will be invited to the
Award Ceremony organised at the JUMP Forum
in Vlerick Business School Brussels.