The Wo.Men@Work Award rewards the CEO who works hardest to achieve
gender equality within his or her company based in Belgium.


Nominees 2018

Laura Ahto

CEO, The Bank of New York Mellon

"I believe that gender diversity, and in fact diversity more broadly, is critical to innovation through all sectors and a fundamental part of a company’s ability to maintain a sustainable operating model. Women will play a crucial role to the future of Europe’s economy and we all must work harder to create a deep pool of diverse talent from graduates to the top - and not just executive leadership pipelines. So much progress has already been made – we need to work together to move forward further and I am eager to support this as best as I can!"

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Nominees 2018

Daniël de Clerck

General Manager of End-to-end operations, Member of the Executive Committee BNP Paribas Fortis

"I have seen it and experienced it multiple times, diverse teams are smarter and produce better results."

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Nominees 2018

Pascale Van Damme

VP & Managing Director Dell EMC BeLux

We have been talking about gender equality for some years now, it is no longer a new topic. Let’s be cautious of “gender fatigue” – we have made progress but it is far too slow: the World Economic Forum now estimates that gender parity may be over 170 years away, whereas In 2014 it was 80 years... I believe in diversity in gender, culture, and age in my own organisation, but just as much in our education, government institutions, and society as a whole. Action starts with leading by example and by creating an environment where all employees can be authentic and feel at home.

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