The Wo.Men@Work Award rewards the CEO who works hardest to achieve
gender equality within his or her company based in Belgium.

Previous winners


Sabine Sagaert

President, Global Managing Director Malt

"I have felt that winning the award was a great recognition for the efforts done in driving diversity in the workplace. At the same time, it inspires others to believe we can really make a difference

Winner 2016

Erwin Ollivier

General Manager Athlon Belgium

“Inspiring others by demonstrating a company culture where women AND men feel they do not have to choose between the job and their family to be successful.”

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It takes two to tango…
Koud gepakt– Warm aanbevolen

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Michèle Paque

Managing Director Quintiles Benelux

“The award has been the motor of numerous interactions with leaders and stakeholders from different horizons, sectors and industries. It was great to realize that we are indeed focusing very much on gender equality and yet, at the same time, to become aware that the journey is far from finished… which is precisely the reason why we have to continue this road together.
I have also been particularly delighted to receive supportive feedback, internally from the Quintiles

Winner 2013

Janneke van der Kamp

Country President Novartis Belgium & Luxembourg

“Winning this award was not only a recognition of my personal engagement towards improving diversity & inclusion but also of the Novartis inclusive business culture enabling our associates to be themselves, give their best and grow professionally, while allowing them to care for their families and find a sustainable work-life balance. This ambassadorship has also provided a unique opportunity for me to raise awareness and

Winner 2012

Tom Declercq

Managing Partner Talent Deloitte Belgium

“The Wo.Men@Work Award provided me with an even bigger platform to open up the discussion about gender diversity in the wider business world. I not only shared my own experiences at Deloitte, but also gained more insight into how other business leaders work on gender challenges at their companies.”

Winner 2011

Christel Verschaeren

Vice President IBM Europe CIO

“Winning the Wo.Men@Work Award gave me the unique opportunity to speak about our diversity policies and practices that support the skills and career development of women in IBM during many occasions at events and within companies that are just starting their own diversity and inclusion journey. It has given IBM public recognition for our long culture of diversity and inclusion, yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

Winner 2010

Albert Ragon

Managing Director Danone Belgium

“This Award has allowed me already many times to speech about questions regarding personnel and diversity issues in particular. I was also invited by different boards of companies and institutions to talk about Gender Balance Equality of Chances and had some very interesting discussions about it.”

Previous finalists


Laura Ahto

CEO, The Bank of New York Mellon


Daniël de Clerck

General Manager of End-to-end operations, Member of the Executive Committee BNP Paribas Fortis


Grégor Chapelle

General Director ACTIRIS


Alexander Von Maillot



Jef Van In

CEO AXA Bank Europe


Pascale Van Damme

Managing Director DELL Belux


Annik Bosschaerts

COO The Bank of New York Mellon


Caro van Eekelen

COO Accor HotelServices Benelux


Michel Croisé

CEO Sodexo BelgiuL


Laurence Einsweiler

Legal Affairs Director Pfizer


Dominique Petit

Country Manager Sandoz Belgium


Kathy Fortmann

Business Unit Leader Starches & Sweeteners Europe Cargill Belgium


Philippe Henry de Frahan

General Manager Mars Belgium


Ron Embrechts

CEO Care Belgium


Frank Van Massenhove

Chairman Belgian Social Security Administration


Marc Decorte

Chairman & Managing Director Shell Belgium

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