JUMP Forum participation(s):

Elisabeth Meinertzhagen

Coach & co-founder of The Coaching Hub, ICF Ambassador - Corporate relations

Elisabeth is an ICF coach with a long international background in marketing and events in Rome but her main focus today is the well-being of human capital, work environment quality and overall personal and professional alignment and balance. She has specialised in stress and burnout and approaches this ever too important issue through coaching and public and corporate workshops organised by The Coaching Hub.

Indeed, our environment is accelerating, hyper connected and very demanding. Feeling torn between your professional and personal life, in search for balance, respect for your values and needs and wishing to better handle stressful situation is therefore totally comprehensible. Moreover, acting on these changes becomes a necessity in order to invest in a long-term balanced life-style which will increase positive energy, efficiency, performance and creativity both in your personal and professional environment.

Elisabeth has also a great interest in Mindfulness and somatic coaching which brings the body forward as a promoter for change, transformation and wellbeing.

Don’t forget your body is shaped by your life experiences and actually says much more about you than your words!