The JUMP Forum is an annual event in Brussels, Paris & Lyon dedicated to boosting
gender equality at work and advancing women’s careers.


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March 8, 2018

Redefine power:
it’s time to share the power between men and women
to transform the practice of leadership

In a society recently rampaged by hegemonic masculinity, sexual harassment and the revival of old power struggles, many people do not recognise themselves in this new world order and aspire to a change in the practice of power. New leaders are revoking the traditional models of authoritarian power and aspiring to a power model based on demonstrated competences and strong values rather than acquired authority. The notion of power is changing, and with this change, leadership models must evolve too.

We need women in leadership because power must be shared. By sharing the power between men and women, we will create diverse and inclusive cultures, that value differences and collaboration, that will free up women and men to lead on their own terms, rather than conform to the traditional norm. Such inclusive cultures will also make it easier for women to say no when they find themselves harassed or in uncomfortable positions. But women cannot do it alone, and we need men with the courage to lead in inclusive and conscious ways, with a long-term vision that boosts collective growth, sustainable progress and new thinking.

Women and men need to step up, build their influence, redefine the rules of power and success and how they can be achieved. It is by showing how power can also be collaborative, inclusive and shared, and by becoming conscious leaders, that we will step-change the balance of power and bring about gender balance.

FORUM Brussels 2018 in Figures


82% Female

18% Male


20% 25-34

29% 35-44

34% 45-54


51% Employees/Middle Management

19% Top and Executive Management

18% Entrepreneurs & Business Owner

JUMP Forum Brussels 2018: :588






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JUMP Forum 2018 in Brussels

JUMP Forum 2018 in Brussels


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The Wo.Men @ Work Award rewards the executive manager who works hardest to achieve gender equality at work. Who will win the award for corporate ambassador of gender equality this year?
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Our international guest speakers

Our trainers

Dr Nathalie BENEROSO

Pharmacien biologiste spécialisée en micro-nutrition/anti-aging/neuro-nutrition

Caroline Kersten

Partner at Leverage HR and co-author of "Worldly Women - The New Leadership Profile"

Mirella Visser

Managing Director of The Centre for Inclusive Leadership

Jean-Michel Monnot

Fondateur de All Inclusive!

Chilina Hills

Experte internationale en communication et influence

Geneviève Smal

Experte en communication et prise de parole en public - Game Designer

Dorothy Dalton

Co-Founder and CEO of 3Plus International

Claire Saddy

Vice-Présidente de la Fédération Les Premières (ex-Pionnières), Dirigeante Tipi Formation et Conseil

Els Deboutte

Coach, trainer en auteur en oprichter van Make me Fly!

Katrien Audenaert

Partner, The Resilience Institute

Deborah Croft

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Thriving Talent Global

Philippe R. Declercq

Coaching & Mentoring

Jacqueline Cattoor

Coach Certifié ICF

Samira Blanjean

Coach, Co-president of the Belgian Chapter of the International Coaching Federation

Elisabeth Meinertzhagen

Coach & co-founder of The Coaching Hub, ICF Ambassador - Corporate relations

Isabelle Dewinkeler

Loopbaancoach, Passion for Work

Claire Godding

Head of Diversity & Inclusion at BNP Paribas Fortis

Cedric Lefebvre

Professional Coach, Co-President of International Coaching Federation (ICF) Belgium

Thais Compoint

Fondatrice & CEO Declic International, auteure de "Succeed as an Inclusive Leader"

Gaëtane Lenain

Leadership & Team Coach; Board Member of ICF Belgium

Faris El Fathi

Product Manager Invest at BNP Paribas Fortis

Maija Van Langendonck

Maija Van Langendonck, Senior Associate at Pluribus

Natalie Boudou

Coach and Trainer of Thriving Talent

Nuket Veral

Leadership coach

Hugues Hancotte

Coach & Trainer

Ann Daniels

Co-Active Coach

Catherine de Meulemeester

Coaching - Unfold your wings

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