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Juggling it all – redefine your rules of success and personal power to make work life balance easy

Deborah Croft - Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Thriving Talent Global

Natalie Boudou - Coach and Trainer of Thriving Talent

“Having it all” is always a topic which evokes great discussion – is it possible? When you make the decision to have a family, does it mean you kiss goodbye to your career? If you want a stimulating career, do you have to give up on being a parent?

Join Natalie and Deborah for an interactive session, combining insights, personal reflection and rich group discussions to uncover how we empower and disempower ourselves in our quest for “having it all”.

Together, we will explore aspects of the self (voices) which can positively and negatively influence work-life boundaries. Participants will explore their own inner language and how it might be influencing their behaviour.

With this self-awareness, we will take you through an effective formula to help you shape and define your best version of balancing professional life and family, for you to take away and build on!